Chiropractic Practice in the World of COVID - Interview with Drs. Kent & Gentempo - On Purpose - August 2020

Dr. McCoy, Kent and Gentempo discuss regulatory issues facing chiropractors in the era of COVID.



Interview with Christopher Kent DC & Patrick Gentempo DC - April 2020 - On Purpose

Interview with Christopher Kent DC & Patrick Gentempo DC April 2020 - On Purpose




Pandemics, Philosophy & the Chiropractic Profession

Dr. McCoy speaks on the topic of pandemics, philosophy and the chiropractic profession at Dynamic Essentials January 22, 2021



Cartels, Monopolies and the Current State of the Chiropractic Profession

Cartels, Monopolies and the Current State of the Chiropractic Profession.

Christopher Kent DC, JD Interviews Matthew McCoy DC, MPH for On Purpose




Top Ten Things You Can Do to Save the Chiropractic Profession.


May 27, 2016


The Epidemiology of Vertebral Subluxation

fvs_mccoy_epidemiology_cropped.jpgAll too often, chiropractic is criticized as an “unscientific” discipline, lacking empirical research to validate the assertion that vertebral subluxations have an adverse effect on the human nervous system, on general health and well-being and by extension, society as a whole. It is the extension to society as a whole where subluxation has been theorized to have its most detrimental effects. If this is true, then this is also where its elucidation holds the greatest promise for influencing and affecting communal expression. The systematic study of the epidemiology and global burden of vertebral subluxation should be carried out by individuals and groups with a worldview towards chiropractic that is consistent with the theory that subluxations pose a hindrance to the fullest expression of life. The results of this type of research can then be used to drive policy, not only in health care, but in education and other sociocultural arenas. In this brief lecture Dr. McCoy reviews what is needed to answer fundamental questions regarding vertebral subluxation.


Research & the Future of the Profession - Kent & McCoy

Sit down with Drs Christopher Kent and Matthew McCoy as they discuss research and the future of the chiropractic profession. In this On Purpose interview Kent and McCoy discuss the exciting work of the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation and lay out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the conservative, traditional faction of chiropractic  


On Purpose



ChiroFutures Malpractice Program


The Brain Has Been There All Along

6.jpgRecently it seems some chiropractors and chiropractic researchers have just discovered the brain. The truth is that its been there all along. In this presentation, historical and contemporary definitions and models of vertebral subluxation are discussed along with a description of a vertebral subluxation focused research agenda. 


Alumni, Bricks & Giving Back


Walking, Talking Bags of Inflammation


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